I am a highly-personable Executive Technology and Computer Science Management Professional who has been consistently praised as results-oriented, and has a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning, development and implementation, operational process, and skilled communication and relations. I would describe myself as articulate, adaptable, dynamic, and engaged. Additionally, I believe myself to be positive, inquisitive, a go-to for solving issues, and a hands-on leader. I am an observer of processes, and love to create order and organization to best help my team and company.

I have over fifteen years in multiple aspects of the workforce. My education and time spent as Chief Technology Officer have both prepared me immensely for the challenges faced daily within my roles. I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and after that, I went back to school and obtained a Master’s Degree and then a Ed.D in Education Administration and Technology  as well. It was through these experiences that I gained understanding of how to best serve my community, staff, leadership and students, and realized how business operations, computer science, and customer experience directly impact business relations and company success.

Due to the nature of my experiences, I do not have trouble asking anyone for help, or being a source of assistance. Working with a variety of clients, affiliates, coworkers and associates over the last twenty years has prepared me professionally to deal with any obstacle. I am passionate about working with people, creating quality relationships, and assisting them in any way I can during the process. These experiences have allowed me to expand my knowledge regarding strategic planning, complex healthcare project management, and operational services. My talents are in program development and management, client support, and inter-departmental communication.

I hope to continue to grow within the Technology, Computer Science, and Executive Management fields, and my current career path has allowed me to take strides toward my goal. My passion for the industry as a whole has sharpened my ability to think objectively, remain project and results focused, and create a safe environment in which upper management and team members, can discuss and solve problems. I am very passionate about creating quality relationships with both staff and clients, and being part of the core team involved in the day-to-day operations, as well as the team involved in development of programs for the future, has allowed me to do so in an impactful way.