Academic Research

My research at a glance what interests me is very fluid and moves with changes in time and technology.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has always been a critical aspect of any research that I conduct.AI is something that we are still learning connecting Education technology and AI is the holy grail of technology and information as we know it.


Robotics have been the next big things since the early 2000's in my research I work with humanoid robots. Robotics research allows me to create software that works with the multiple degrees of freedom and bridge the gap between robots and humans.

Student motivation with disabilities

Student motivation with disabilities is a research topic that is very close to me. Being an individual with a vision impairment i strive to help others make better decisions and have that motivation to pursue their dreams.

Academic outsourcing

The effects of outsourcing key departments in an education system to cut cost.Many community colleges and universities are venturing into outsourciv=ng to save money. My research will look at the effects and quality of service of an outsourced group.