About Us

Runtime news is designed by an individual that believes in preserving the ability for us to think as human beings. Through press we are presented with bias, hatred fakes information and much more. This site is designed on a simple platform using the human language as its defined to us to determine what type of news we are taking in.

If you are familiar with the term if you take in junk, then junk is dished out. This system uses a non-bias Artificial; neural network to determine what types of news that we are reading. Let's take what we understand and hold it accountable for how we are as human beings.

The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness; aggressiveness engenders hostility; hostility engenders fear, a disastrous circle.

AI Definitions


consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.


consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence.


prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.


showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial.


relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.


not included in a ranked list (as of favorites).